My name is Headphone James. The “general fuzz” project began in 2001, when my band broke up and the software Reason 1.0 came out. Reason granted me access to an powerful electronic music studio, and it easily fit in my apartment. The melodic downtempo grooves of General Fuzz were born.

In the past two decades I have composed and produced 8 albums. If you listen to them in order, you may hear the advancement of music software technology coupled with my evolution as a musician and composer. Or it’s just pleasant background music for an entire day. Either way, we all win.

Five years ago, a health crisis left me with an extreme sensitivity to sound and a constant ringing in my ears (tinnitus). Through the difficult years that followed, I put a lot of work getting in touch, and then getting more comfortable with my emotions. Those emotions were hard to be with. Through Therapy, Men’s groups, and meditation I’ve opened myself up to grief, gratitude, and ultimately, a greater sense of wonder. I believe this is reflected in the latest music.

I spend a ridiculous amount of time and a fair bit of money on my musical art. Why do I make my music freely available? BacInexpensive, insanely powerful software combined with this here “internet”, allow me to compose music and distribute it globally at low cost. I know in my heart that General Fuzz will resonate and delight a few people. I want to maximize the probability for those people to discover my music. So if you are one of those people, enjoy on, and please pass my music on to the people in your life who you think may enjoy as well.

I also build software and make silly vidoes. If you want to learn more about me, this is the place.

Feel free to sponsor my art through donations.